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Old Westbury Equestrian Center is under NEW MANAGEMENT.

This beautiful facility is located only 30 minutes away from New York City, and central to Nassau County making it extremely accessible to everyone! It is also right off the LIE making it an easy location to get to as well as travel to horse shows.

We have two outdoor rings, a large indoor arena, and many fields and trails to explore! You and your horse will never be bored riding.


Our paddocks and fields provide ample space for horses to roam and graze; this promotes physical and mental well-being. We customize paddock size and time based on each horse.

Our gorgeous barn has matted isles, with 13 large matted stalls with windows. 

We provide full service and management to ensure that you never have to worry about your horse when you are not there. Our horses are fed the best quality feed specially formulated to meet their dietary requirements. 


Come take advantage of our beautiful facilities and services!


Outdoor Rings


Schooling Ring


Grass Fields


Fields and Trails


Indoor Ring


Our Barn

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